Welcome to my blog!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My 1st blog entry ! lol

Hi all! Some fellow stampers/card makers have requested I create my own blog so they can see the cards I've made.  I'm NEW to all this creating blogs as well as cardmaking/stamping as of January 2012 so Please bear with me ! lol

I will post cards I've created as well as cards I've received from card swaps via the mail and/or the Stampin Up club I attend monthly.

Any suggestions on ways to spruce up my cards or this blog site please feel free to leave a comment!!!

Arigato gozaimasu!!!


  1. Welcome to blogland! Your blogs look great! I look forward to seeing many more posts with your fun creations.

  2. I too welcome you to blogland. It's soooo much fun and you get to meet a lot of peeps who share the same interest. Looking forward to your post and creations.

  3. I thought I posted earlier, but maybe not.
    Welcome to blogland. I am looking forward to seeing your posts and all your creations. Congratulations!!!!